Players Classic

So its time for our Players Classic write up, well, my write up. Modifly is slowly growing a team so this is my perspective of Players, I don’t speak for all members of the team. I’m relatively new to the show scene, I’ve always been into modified cars but only starting showing in the past few years. I started out at Ford only shows, no matter how good they were I always craved a bit more variety. Fords can be lookers but too much of a good thing and all that, this goes for classics too, classics have the look, it can’t be beaten but that doesn’t mean that moderns don’t have their place as well.

From my understanding Players started out as a VW/JDM show, they lucked out (probably not luck) with Airlift and Rotaform as sponsors. Then the scene changed and bags and wheels became the scene. Players built a pretty fierce reputation as being the best show on the calendar. Players got too big for North Weald, so Players Classic was born. For a Classic show you need a classic location, a location with a bit of prestige and Goodwood Motor Circuit was the ideal choice. As with all good things it grew in size, popularity and notoriety, so when I put my application in for this years show I was literally bouncing off the walls to be accepted.

Fast forward to last weekend, I had a weekend paddock pass but decided to be part of the public crowd on Saturday and bring the XR on Sunday. Walking about on the Saturday I feel like I made the right choice, the vibe just wasn’t there. The sun was shinning, the cars was stunning but the vibe was missing. The paddocks were over crowded and the mix of modern to classic was strongly in the moderns favour. The track action was good however as a driver who’s just parted with £140 I imagine only having another two or three cars on track with you is pretty nice, but as a spectator you wanted to see more.

Theres no better way to start a sunny Sunday morning than a convoy of classic cars rolling around the country(ish) roads. By 8am we were in the grounds and looking for a nice parking space. Again not being an experienced show goer I generally panic and park somewhere shit. This time I followed Elias who had sought out The London Cartel stand so I snuck round near them. My space wasn’t ideal but I was happy and I had easy access to leave when the time came.

When I got out the car, I felt the vibe, there were classics in the air. I was bouncing, I liked my spot, I loved how my car was looking, the sun was shinning, so I gave her a once over and set about walking. Didn’t take long before I spotted Cory and Beths bagged beauties, I strolled up the track, I found Ad’s A5, further up to Chloes TT and then all the way to the end to see Benjis bread van.

I spent all day strolling about, taking it easy, I took some photos and chatted to friends. I spent a lot of time hanging out by the ‘offices club’ in the grass, drinking overpriced coffee and just taking in the vibe.

So should it be called Players Classic? by saying classic anyone relatively new to the show scene will think it’s a classic car show, it’s far from a classic car show. Players has a reputation for expensive cars with expensive wheels and it didn’t disappoint. As it was Players I was expecting to see a lot of that, because its Players Classic I expected to see the best of the classic scene and it didn’t disappoint there either. There was some non premium moderns and some pop and bangers that did nothing for me and personally I felt we’re out of place but they didn’t stop me enjoying my day. Will I go next year, of course, but only the Sunday. However depending how open their selection process is next year, it will have to be seen if I go the year after..

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