Love a Nandos.

I always felt the Metro was a uninspiring car, I almost accepted an Austin as a mini substitute as I liked the box shape, but the Rover one’s didn’t look right to me at the time. Now maybe I was just stuck in the past and the aerodynamic styling’s of the later metros were ahead of their time, I don’t know but what I do know is that I like this 96′ Metro 100 of Sams (@samwilson43) very much.
This could be down to the fact that it sits so nicely, which is an understatement, this metro sits so so nicely with approx 80mm drop at the front and 60mm at the back. Dropping that tiny shell down on some tasty gold 13″ Compomotive CX’s to fill those arches like a static glove. The gold detail is continued with the quick release fasteners, bonnet pins and (in these pics anyway) the massive Stance Works graphic on the windscreen. The GTI skirts give the sides some much needed flare and the rear spats help at the back. The Renault Laguna front lip that seems to be a fairly universal lip on almost any make of car but suits a metro very well along with the Sportex 2.5” pipe sitting below the rear bumper all helps to exaggerate the minimal ground clearance.
The bays been spruced up a bit with a colour coded cam cover and a ITG induction kit because you got to love that induction noise. I imagine when you’re sitting on your Omex limiter it must sound pretty sweet. Sams done a good job on the interior too, a gold half cage is always a winner, with a set of proper Recaros taken from a RS Turbo,  a snap off Momo steering wheel and the 5 panel mirror finish off that full race car feeling.
Theres a lot we like about this Metro, including the probably fairly inefficient Nando’s antenna which seems to own that roofline. All photography by Danel (@dubbin_danny) a photographer for ‘The Other Guys‘ (@theotherguysuk) who clearly has a great eye, well worth going through both their instagrams for some fantastic content.

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