Retro Rides, A field where anything is possible

Last weekend saw Retro Rides and the London Cartel show both falling on the same day. Sadly my plan to have both shows covered failed as I had to bail out last minute and couldn’t attend the London Cartel show. Luckily for Modifly, we still had Retro Rides covered. On that happy note we bring you, A field were anything is possible…

I’m a strong believer that cars are just a blank canvas, it’s up to you to how you choose to modify it, you can literally do what you want to your car. If your chosen era of car (like mine) happens to be the retro era then there’s no better place then Retro Rides at Shelsey Walsh to go check out the wacky and unpredictable range of modifications that us retro owners love.

Walking through a field of cars, seeing all the vast variety of retros on show, all great and unique was a great way to spend my day. A few of them stood out for me. The first car to grab my attention was a mk3 polo coupe. As I approach the car the first thing I noticed were the holes drilled in the bumper, a classic cooling (and weight saving) modification. Generally if a old retro needs additional cooling its probably hiding something big or something old, and this old girl was no exception, she’s a sleeper running a 20v turbo, which is a tight fit in a mk3 polo.

If you thought that was a tight fit though, then check out these minis running 16v engines. I just love the way there are both so different but yet tick all the right boxes.

There were all sorts of quality cars on show, from full blown hill climb monsters, to home grown beasts and everything in between. The main attraction of the show is watching all the high quality cars ripping up the hill, which is amazing to watch and hear, especially when there are so many other great cars on show everywhere you look.

The show was entertaining, eventful and well organised through out. I’m looking forward to going to more events put on by Retro Rides as they are a breath of fresh air compared to these static car shows were it’s all about fitment, wheels, and wraps (these show have their place too). Retro rides is a show were people think out of the box, it ticked all my boxes and I’m confident it will tick yours if your a retro fan. Get your self down to a Retro Rides show next year, you won’t be disappointed that’s a promise.

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