A colour to die for…

Players Classic is currently my top runner for show of the year and Lances car was my car of the show for me. So when Lance was happy to give us the low down I was stoked. I asked for a run down and wasn’t disappointed. This tale starts 11 years ago when Lance was a young lad and needed a ride to college…

It’s a common story these days in the retro scene, it starts with a college kid daily driving a cheap runabout, with no long term plans but from there a strange unrequited love affair begins, slowly and unexpectedly they soon realize their car is more than just a car. Like all good movies just as things look good disaster strikes and this story is no different. A neighbour reversed into the parked up Polo, caving in the driver side quarterback panel and on one of these that’s a big panel to hit, the accident took the Polo off the road, for some that would have been it but for others its the opportunity to start a long, tiring, expensive and frustrating rebuild project, so that’s what Lance did.

The body work alone took 7 years, with that amount of time taken you’d expect it to be perfect and to the untrained eye like mine it is, but of course to the man who knows, it’s not. Every panel was done on a tight budget and every panel had it’s imperfections, Lance has plans to getting it all redone at some point as those little imperfections don’t feel so little to him…

Its easy to ignore the imperfections when you look at the exterior as a whole package. The Venom motorsport debadged grill was a wise first modification, helped by the number plate delete which cleans the front end up. The Mk1 golf arches all round are stunning. Mk1 arches are so nice they have been welded onto many a car and even look great on some the classic Fiesta’s. The shaved passenger door handle is an odd modification to me but adds to the custom look. F1 style wing mirrors and polycarbonate windows scream that this is a build that’s going to get some track time. All finished off in a mouth watering candy apple red, which I must admit was what brought me over to the car when I was strolling around the Paddocks.

Nowadays you cant really be taken seriously in the scene without some serious fitment around some expensive looking rims, you can go static or bags, it makes no real difference to me, Lance opted for the bags route with custom air suspension made up from Mk2 golf struts bolted to Mk1 golf hubs and custom camber adjustable top mounts, its sitting on a stunning set of staggered image splits, 13×8.5 and 13x9s. This car is not built to be a scene queen, Lance set out with the intention of track use.He still has a few more modifications he needs to do to the handling before he can really get it on the tract, so for now he’s just enjoying the show scene.

Looking through the polycarbonate windows you cant help but notice the attention to detail within. With a smoothed flocked dash, digi clock, OMP steering wheel and AEM Wideband/Boost failsafe gauge is a pretty good view when your sitting in a nice Cobra Evolution seat with your feet planted on your OBP Floor mounted pedal box. With a custom rear roll cage surrounding the alloy race fuel tank and the most elegant fuel line system I’ve ever seen.

Something else that I’ve been noticing a lot and loving in the scene is a contrasting engine bay. Under the candy apple hood is a smoothed stone chipped black bay and suitably matched rocker cover and pipe work. The engine was bought already built so it only needed a few additional mods, a GT inlet manifold, charge cooler and 4 to 1 manifold. Its currently limited to 200hp because the rods start to get temperamental after that. Currently running a Big Valve head Oversized 1473cc G40 with full blend Jabba Motorsport Supercharger, 51mm Throttle Body, PSD 252/272 camshaft, 65mm Toothed Pulley Kit and G60 Injectors. Lance has thoughts about dropping forged rods in the future, maybe then loading it up with Nitrous to achieve bigger power, which is fairly liking as as he cant see himself ever selling it.

I think this car is probably the first VW thats really made me consider leaving classic Fords, it has the stance, aggression and show stopping quality that I hope to one day see myself in. Really pleased to have been able to find out more about this stunner. Thanks again to the man who brought it back to life.

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