Meet Fifi the IMP

I don’t remember seeing any Hillman Imps about when I was young and they certainly weren’t popular in the modified scene when I was getting into modified cars which seems odd because they are such ideal cars for modifying. They are rear engined and rear wheel drive, they have a fantastic shape and natural stance which is only enhanced when you slam one, like Jake did to Fifi his 1965 Singer Chamois.

Fifi is a Scottish born 875cc sport engined IMP. First inherited by Jake when he was fifteen. At that age funds are tight so he had a play with it but kept the modding to a minimum. At sixteen finally being able to earn that stunning £3.79 minimum wage he saved up £600 to get some tiny body coilovers and got his first taste of the lowlife. He thought he was low back then but over the years low has been taken to a whole new level.

I first saw Fifi at Players Classic this year and took a fancy to her naturally cambered static stance. As with any car of this era a lot has been done to her to keep her on the road, Fifi has taken a bit of a beating, first someone revered into her which Jake promptly fixed only to run into someone who didn’t quite make the gap in traffic they thought they should, which completely crumpled the front end. Back in the 60s automotive technology was a far cry to modern day motoring so Jake has had to modernizer her, upgrading to halogens, putting some seats with padding in one of the first things he dealt with, a nardi wheel which replaced the stiletto wheel he stole from his brother and even an alternator.

She sits on a mix of wheels, normally some 13x8s alleycats but currently some freshly spruced up gold 13×7 compomotives with spacers. Shes had a respray but is no where near complete, still plenty of touching up to do. However Jake has some grand plans for a full winter rebuild, strip her down and build her back up properly, good luck with that, I’ve planned that for my XR for 8 years now..

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