Mean looking mk1 Leon Cupra R

Wide body Leon Cupra R

I was having a look through instagram this morning and came across @20vturbs front end Friday pic and I had to pause a beat to take it all in. I’ve said it many times before but how a car looks bearing down on you in the rear view is how I judge if a car is fly or not, and this thing would shit me up. Its stealthy, wide, low and badge less. If you fly eyed those headlights it would a deaths personal hot hatch. I’ve never been into Seats, so not knowing my Seats this is the first time I’ve given a mk1 Leon Cupra R any time, unlike @20vturbs who must have put some time into his build.

The engines still standard, except the upgraded silicone hoses, but it’s still pushing out a respectable 210bhp (give or take). The real beauty of this ride is the fully fabricated and welded wide arch kit, which nicely covers the huge 10″ rear XXRs with 9″ upfront. The cropped headlights add a real mean streak to this cars front end, and I didn’t realise that they are half covered by the extended bonnet which is a fair bit of work in itself. Then add to that some subtle smoothing of the side & rear mouldings and a full respray and you get a beautifully unique, mean looking Leon.

Wide body Leon Cupra R

Wide body Leon Cupra R

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