The F-Bomb

Now the timeline escapes me as I came across this Fiesta before The Chopped Fiesta, but as I have mentioned more than once, this is the Fiesta for me or was, because now it is currently under the grinder/welded to be reborn as something else on yet another level. But we’ll leave that journey for another time.

As this car has been about a while most of the modified scene will have seen it scrape around, there’s been footage from Players, there been footage from ‘Southern Old Skool’ it doesn’t matter where you’ve seen it the point is you’ve probably seen it. To the untrained, uneducated or casual passer by in this modern car scene they would assume it was bagged and that it would need to be ‘aired up’ to leave the show ground, well not this beauty. But this is no coil over or cut springs low like The Chopped Fiesta, this Mk1 went under the grinder to get these lows. Like The Chopped Fiesta this Mk1 started life under the ownership of Tim (Elks brother).

Laying frame is serious business and serious work was undertaken to this 1983 MK1, with the engine bay rebuilt, raising the chassis rails, engine and steering rack by around 80mm. Rear floor pan raised by 76mm and rear turrets raised by 40mm, might as well weld in rear strut brace while your there. Sitting on custom GAZ extra short coil-overs with camber adjustable top mounts and camber bolts up front and custom rear springs, GAZ dampeners and a adjustable pan-hard at the rear. With that much bay work being done it made sense to smooth it out and paint it white. So thats what they did smoothing out the bulkhead, inner wings and scuttle panel. To help finish it off they removed and smoothed the wing mirrors, rear wiper, washer jets, door locks, aerial, fog light, and reverse light.

From what I understand it was around this time in the cars modified life that its ownership went from Tim to Elk. Of course Elk had some plans so (at some point) the car went back to the shop where they removed the old bolt on arches and welded in some nice Mk1 golf ones. Welded above the swage line to which help to clear the lovely staggered Schmidts TH lines painted Rover Nightmare red. Relocated the fuel cap into the door jam. A full respray in satin grey but left the bonnet raw. They left the unique hole cut in as well so the K&N filter could poke through and pinned it on. Converted to single wiper up front, early bumpers and polished up the bare metal handles and hay presto you have one hell of a show stoping car, named car of the show at Ford Fair 2016.

But of course thats not all, the interior has modified Mk1 seats, racecar 11 inch steering wheel, early mk1 door cards and dash with a parcel shelf delete. The transmission and heart of this mk1 were still the original 950cc and four speed box but it had been seriously spruced up to look fancy in the super clean engine bay.

Now this was a while back and since then the car has gone back into the shop. It’s undergoing some serious work with a new much needed power plant, fully space framed and what looks to be a rwd conversion, its slow work but coming along, you can keep unto date over on the Buffalo builds facebook page, it’s exciting times for the F-bomb.

Still my car of the car scene, I cant wait to get down and see it when it next come outs of the shop. Good work to all involved.

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