Wide, Low, and very Slow

Wide, Low and Slow mk6

So another little blurb about another rad mk6. This ones a bit special tho, not because its got 400bhp (it ain’t) but because to me this car is very ModiFLY. The mods done are unique, and the 8J wheels are amazing. The bolt on arches which are getting more common these days, will always harp back to 80/90s era to me and are still rare on a mk6. Not to mention the home tinted headlight and the phat tailpipe. I think the fact that its slammed with dish, but is nothing like any of the current slammed dished rides out there make it something a bit special. As the man himself said this ride is wide, low, and very slow.

Wide, Low and Slow mk6

(ps not a fan of sticker bombing but Ill let that slide)

plenty more to see on his insta @tomwilli103

cheers fella good work!

Wide, Low and Slow mk6

Wide, Low and Slow mk6

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