Ascots mk6 ST

Ascorts mk6

I’m not a writer but I’m still going to try and write a few words, so here it goes; I got into modified cars when I was about 15, Fast Car and Max Power were the shit, but then age, money and the Internet changed things. Now 20 odd years on I’m finally doing something in the modified world. Where this goes I ain’t so sure yet but hopefully we will be a name to be reckoned with, eventually.

Ascorts mk6

The fiesta has always been my ideal hot hatch, first the mk2 XR2 with is plastic trim, then the mk3 RS Turbo with its 3 spokes, didn’t really like the 4 or 5 to much, but the 6 changed things, and I don’t hate the 7. With all this said ModiFLY isn’t just about the mk6, but it is in our roots. When someone sends us a couple pics and a bit of info about the crazy love they have for their mk6 then I am all about giving them the respect they deserve. I don’t always agree with what people do (bonnet bra’s) but this mk6 of Anthony Ascott is a treat.

Ive got a huge list of mods, interior, exterior, and of course performance, but I won’t list them all. The pictures speak for themselves. I will mention a few. Like the Mountune Short Shifter, 60mm throttle body, and Newman Highlift camshafts, all say this motors got some grunt, and having rear hub spacers not just some shitty halford shim spacers (which I currently have on my mk6) say this is a serious mk6 and not just a showpiece. Oh and I have always loved a raised bonnet, gets me every time..

Then there are loads of little subtle things like; white mist jets, bonnet struts, led conversion, armrest, badges and even a traction control button which just add to this cars personality.

Ascorts mk6

So a big thank you to Anthony for the pics, the info and for having a rad mk6. This is why I love modified car culture..

Also great shots from Dan Evans (even if your logo is a bit big on a few of them…)

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