MINIs on the Rec, 2017

So a week or so back I made it to Minis on the Rec a local show to me in Shoreham. I didn’t think I’d get there this year but as it happens me and my youngest made the time and went to check it out. I think one of the best things about any car show is rocking up to the show and finding your stand, I love driving in, even turning up 3/4 hours late as we did, its still fun. I guess that’s because at car shows everybody turns and looks as any loud car rolls past.
So we rocked up, found the club stand and parked up. As it happens we parked up beside a mighty fine blue hot rod. Sorry, I don’t know my old old fords, but I know this thing was stunning and according to its owner in weekly use. Beside this sat one of the finest Capris I’ve ever seen, looking so nice in its stealthy attire, and the wheels on it just made it. So we parked up, got out, said hello all the standard just got to a show things to do. The club stand was looking might impressive, great turn out and a nice old skool/new skool balance.
So me and the boy took a walk about, there was an amazing selection of real Minis (some of my favourites included in the pics) which you’d expect for a show entitled Minis on the Rec and obviously being the mini fan I am this did kinda rock mine and my sons world.
The Jap crew had a good turn out with some tasty motors including a phat civic which Ive always had a soft spot for. However I think it was the drift crew that took my sons fancy the most, well until he saw the inflatable slide, then I’d lost him.
So a few cars I want to single out, just because really but I’m curious about the battered not battered Celica, is this a thing or did it just have a smash on the way there? The decked Mazda pick up was stunning, and decked which of course helps. The wide boy skyline was pretty impressive too. Probably my car of the show and this may well be due to my current interest in a larger family wagon to replace my mk6, the aired out pimped up Toyota, with its plush looking interior, this thing was spotless.
Every year they have a club tug of war and I say proudly that Ford Tec has taken the trophy for at least the last 3 years. We also had a couple Ford Tec’ers up for the show and shine of which I’m pretty sure we won again with Lou’s stunning stunning RS Turbo, Polar Bear.
Ive done a few shows this year (well 4 so far) with Classic Ford and Fiesta in the Park being the biggest ones and they were great, but I always forget that the local shows have a different vibe, they seem to have a family/friendly vibe, maybe because more of my club can come out, or maybe as theres no racetrack to focus on, but either way me and my boys do love a good show and Minis on the Rec was a winner. I got a couple show left this Summer, with Lancing another local one to me, and then OhSoRetro in Margate which I am pretty excited about.

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