Track Built Daily Civic

Good morning and Happy Monday folks, got a couple things going on this week so hopefully I won’t break anything and we’ll all be happy….


Starting with Mr @infamous_eg track built daily civic. Pushing out around 180bhp and being striped out with a buddy club spec 2 exhaust system this thing sounds nice as it flys down the road (check his instagram to hear it). To help it take the corners its been dropped on spec coilovers and sits nicely on limited edition green Rota’s. Rota’s are a pretty popular wheel these days but for good reason, they look so good, they are lightweight, and if you go wide they have dish, can’t go wrong. Plenty more has been done to make this build a proper track build, with a b18 lightened flywheel, stage 3 clutch and s80 low ratio gear box, now I admit that last bit is beyond my current car modifying experience, but from what I gather it all goes towards better race car. Better performance, better power, better repose, longer lasting, stronger, lighter, faster basically…


So fair play Sam, this shape Civic was never in my top ten, but its way better than the new Civics and if it goes and sounds tasty then I’m all good with that…

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