Never Enough Bass


Before I had my own car my Mum was rad enough to let me install some random 12″ sub in the boot of her 1.1lx fez (which later became my first ford, but that’s a story for another time). Anyway the reason I tell you this is because bass and modified cars go hand in hand and because when I asked Reece for more pics of his mk2 Cilo he sent me this. I had to ask him, ‘have you got enough bass? and I got a simple reply, “Never enough” I liked that.


There’s not too much to tell about this little Cilo, Reece saved it from the scrapers for the grand sum of £140. Some fella on eBay was gonna scrap it because it made some noise, ended up just being the driveshaft so he fixed it up and had a nice cheap runner.


It would appear that Reece has followed the golden rules of car modification, suspensions with a nice set of coils, exhaust straight thru and decated, subs, big motherfucking subs, and some nice cosmetic extras, but he’s added a little modern touch with a Omex Rev limiter. Soon to be fully resprayed, none of this wrapping shit, and that as they say is that, for now. Looking forward to seeing it when its done..

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