S14a or Kouki (according to wiki)

So I really wanted to get another Nissan on the page, after Daniels stunner back in April it would be hard to beat so I wanted to go for something different. When I saw Jordan’s S14 I knew that it was the one. Again not being a JDM man I’m always a bit apprehensive about what people will think about what I have to say, but there you go.
So since the drift scene has exploded over the past few years I’ve been seeing way more Silvias about on the roads and of course online. Now the S14a or Kouki (according to wiki) is one of the better looking Silvias in my opinion. The design of the head lights alone is stunning, they gives the whole car a presence, so when you start to add stance, skirts, wheels and a tasteful rear wing then you get a really nice motor. This is all true with Jordan’s example, which I might say it all beautifully highlighted in that amazing deep purple colour.
Since Jordan’s owned it he’s replaced the engine and gone big with his turbo. The cars currently running 300bhp and 320 pounds of torque but Jordan’s got bigger and better plans first with a colour change on his stunning 18x10j Rota GTR-Ds which must cost a fortune to keep in rubber and a nice cage to keep him safe. That’s it for now but I’ll be keeping my eye on this ride and keep you informed. Cheers Jordan.

Check out his instagram to follow the project @jordanskinner1

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