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So this is a sad story with a happy ending from Durban, South Africa. Its a bit like the ugly duckling (loosely), its starts with a little lesser known Ford Figo. First unveiled in Delhi in 2009, sold mainly to India till it was released in South Africa around 2010. Interesting Wiki fact, the name Figo is a colloquial Italian word meaning “cool”. Anyway over here in the UK we’re confused by this car, is it a Fiesta, a Ka, a Focus, I mean what is it, do I like it, don’t I like it, is it cool? Nobody knows, and I don’t know if one has ever graced a UK road.

Anyway so our ugly duckling of a Figo was bought about 2ish years ago for Gavin’s folks, but sadly two weeks after ownership Gavin’s Dad passed away (not Figo related) and the little Figo was set to be returned or sold. It would appear that Gavin like me is a sentimental man and couldn’t part with the car, it had established a special place in his heart, and it kept a little piece of his Dad with him. So that was it, Gavin had a Figo and this lesser known Figo was to develop quickly into one hell of a swan.


So from stock to swan in just over two years, starting with OEM springs, but quickly changing over to JOM coilovers. The coilovers give this little Figo some great stance and it sits so nicely on the peachy bronze Porsche twist. Of course it doesn’t stop there because suspension and wheels don’t make a modified car. There are a number of nice little things that make a big difference, the projector lights work especially well with the tinted lenses and eyebrows. Ford like to make big cumbersome lights so anything that can be done to style them up a bit is a must. Then with the radiator branded behind the big open mouth front grill which has been painted out and down onto the aggressive front splitter, with matching black plastics give the front end a lovely presence. All this takes the Figo from a unassuming hatchback to something far more impressive. A few more additions such as the much needed wind deflectors, mudflats, tinted side repeaters and a subtle but stylish roof top spoiler finish the transformation.


But that’s not all, that wasn’t enough for Gavin, so work continued the arches needed flaring to allow for the next stage in this swans development, the twist went and some 3dsm 0.06 were put in their place, in what looks like a gunmetal grey they look absolutely stunning with the urban camo wrap, which I might add works brilliantly with the Hoonigan sun strip and here at ModiFLY suitable graphics are just as important as mechanical mods (well almost). All this presence wouldn’t be nearly as effective tho if this little Figo wasn’t slammed on bags, and that really is the end of this tail, from ugly ducking to bagged Swan, this Figo has in my opinion mixed the style of multiple Fiestas into one beautiful Ford. Its has some of the good mk7 style, chopped into the great mk6 body, with a little bit of something else.


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