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For the past few years September has been a pretty good month, the sunshine seams to lull in August then pick up just a bit for the end of September and early October (just hope it last another couple weeks for our End of Summer Meet). This year was the first time I made it down to the OhSoRetro Show in Margate. When I first started doing shows OhSoRetro was the show I really wanted to do but never made it down too. I love my Fords and I love my modified cars, but its modified retro that really rocks my world. So this year I was determined to go, I made a plan with the wife, we booked a caravan, packed up the kids, got into the XR and hit the road.

Due to my paranoid disposition I generally start any road trip with a certain amount of anxiety. Being that I had my wife, who generally doesn’t like the XR, and my two young boys who generally can’t sit still for too long, I was pretty anxious. But the sun was out, the roads were clear and the XR was purring, so my anxiety mellowed pretty quickly and I got to enjoy a faultless two and a bit hour drive to Margate. We got to our caravan with enough time for dinner and to give the XR a nice little wash down.

Next morning we had the luxury of a lie in and a big breakfast before a 5 min drive down to the show ground. As we hit the seafront there was a nice que of classic and retro rides lining the seafront. Our side road was right near the front of the que so we didn’t wait long before we were in the grounds and conveniently found a parking space beside a spotless Mk1 XR2.

The show was filling up and we were quickly surrounded by an epic range of retro cars, from the mini to my left, the XR to my right, a badass civc behind me and a nice selections of campers in front of me. We locked up and started our slow walk round. With both my boys armed with disposable cameras and some youthful energy we were off. There was so much to look at, it was like a car candy shop, As with all shows I tired to be organized and start in one corner and work my way round. We started off pretty well, the boys went through their cameras pretty quick but were full of beans so we got to see a lot before the first signs of flagging kicked in.

We spotted my car of the show within the first 5 min, I’m a sucker for a MR2, more so a stunning example with a massive wing on the back. I tried to find something I liked more, something unique, something more fitting for the grand title of ‘ModiFLY car of the show’ but even amongst the pristine mk1 Escorts, the stunning line up of Astra GTEs, the Dimmer 205, the jacked up Cortina, the epic Socorro, the IMP, the gorgeous Capri’s, the trademark Cossworth, Tiger stipped mini, the jacked up mini, the other immaculate fez, or the big gold rimmed bug, but nothing had the impact of the MR2 to me. So it rightly gets our ‘Car of the Show’ title. (Sorry its just a title, but better than a kick in the nuts)



Moving on though because there was 1400 cars at this years show and I doubt I saw 70% of them, we walked about, we chatted, we ate but by 2pm my boys had gone ferrel so we made our last long pass back round. Past the JDM Micra crew, around the first of three Max Power Escorts, all of which still rock my world no matter how dated they look, past the long roof crew, the 2nd Max Power Escort, all the way over to the the 3rd Max Power Escort, swinging past the insane rear engine mini van and back to our Xena. We probably left the show ground by 3ish and poddled off to our campsite to pack up before driving home.


We were lucky that on the drive home got to join a convoy of amazing cars along the M2 and we only hit 5/10mins of traffic before blasting down the M25, I feel if we’d left much later it would have been a different story.

My summary of OhSoRetro is simple tho, it was a great show. The turnout, location and weather all played a huge part in that, but there is something much nicer, something more relaxed and enjoyable about the retro crowd. There was no unnecessary popping and banging, no sound offs playing generally pretty shit dubstep, all of that has its place, and in its place I love it, but I’m getting older, my life has slowed down, mellowed out, I want to enjoy my classic and I want my family to enjoy it a bit too, this was the first show I bought my wife and kids too, and it was perfect, it was a perfect introduction for them, and a great day for me. All in all my best show of the year and we’er already planning our ModiLFY stand (yup we’er doing a MoidIFLY stand next year) for next year. We plan to put a prize winning stand on, so if your retro is up for it get in contact, there will be limited spaces and they are already filling up…


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