3 rules.

Over the years the modified car scene has changed. From the Max power days that sparked my interest to the obscene camber cars of today. The plan is to keep Modifly open to all, no matter your tastes your welcome. Modifying cars is an art form and just because you’ve tried doesn’t mean its good. There’s a lot of ‘its different’ and ‘your car do what makes you happy’ comments on facebook and to this I say hell no. ‘Its different’ just means its shit. Yes it’s your car but that doesn’t mean you should destroy it. Anyway the reason I bring this up is that a lot of the comments I see these day moan about ‘bag & wheels’, ‘oh the scene is so boring now, I miss the Max Power days…’, thing is Max Power was rad but the cars generally all looked a bit special, bag and wheels may be mainstrem now but its fits into my idea of what a slick car should look like. Since I started modifying cars, there are three rules I always follow, 1) lower 2) debage 3) add noise, anything more than that is a treat, but as long as I’ve done this I’m all good. You may notice that wheels isn’t on the list that because as long as its low its gonna look good.


So that brings me to Cory’s R32, yea its bagged with Airlift and its got a little boot build in the back. The wheels are stock but have been refrubed in gloss black, instead of debadging it Cory’s rebadged it with a VW Sharen badge because its just that bit smaller. For added noise its got a non resonated cat back with dual 4.5” RS slash cut tips. Then finishing up the back there are a set of hella magic colour lights.

These Golfs are rapid and with the full leather option they are luxurious too which is what you want when going for a long summers drive, sunroof open and the ability to stop on a dime. To aid in that task this one has Porsche cayenne 6 pot callipers painted in Ferrari yellow up front, which shows through the black wheels nicely. Continuing up front he has a Cupra R splitter, a set of Xenon headlights and some short Lupo wing mirrors. Linking the front to the back are some Maxton design skirts, and of course the essential limo black window tints. All pretty subtle mods but all add to the overall slickness of this ride. The engines not been missed out but after having a full rebuild due to the previous owner cracking the block, it doesn’t need to much modding.


That about wraps this up but personally this ride is the right mix of bag & wheels for my tastes, I’d be pretty happy if I had any car which looked as nice as this, as mentioned before subtle mods equals slick ride.


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