Keeping it Simple


Personally I’m a retro man, I liked cars before they went bubbly, I liked the Escort, well up to the mk5 which I was 50/50 about, maybe I’m just showing my age but the point is, I never liked the Focus, I hated the mk1, which is odd because now I have one, anyway I wasn’t interested in the mk2, 3, or 4. Then a while ago we featured @baggedmk1RS bagged mk1 RS, that car made me realise that even a Focus could be a head turner. I came across @_beth_hayes_ Focus through @cxryvw (our last feature) and when I saw it, I actually kind of wanted it, but being that I can’t have it, I figured we had to feature it instead.

Nothing about this Focus is simple, but it’s the simplicity in its look that makes this Focus so attractive. Beth has kept it super clean, the wide mouthed RS body kit really sits well on the full Maxton splitter set, which includes side skirts and rear splitter, all of that added together grounds this Focus so nicely. It helps of course that’s its ‘aired out’ on a Airlift setup, with V2 management and the tank sunk into the boot.

Having a frozen white car gives you literally a blank canvas when it come to colour schemes, but first you need to loose all the extra bits no-one really likes, so you debadge it (to a point), loose your rear wiper because your tints are so dark there’s no point having it and then keep it simple and stick with black and white. The Focus in general has a lot of plastics, with the epic front grill and rear diffuser, which in this stunner are held together with the Maxton side skirts and topped off nicely with the mk2 vents, nicer than the mk3 ones, tinted windows, wind deflectors (which I’m always 50/50 about) and of course the beautiful RS shadow black spoiler. But I leave the best till last, its hard to not notice the huge 4.5” Milltek exhaust tips sticking out the back and the lovely now gloss black 19” cruize concave alloy wheels which tuck up so nicely under the focus arches.

As always I have probably missed loads out, but I do love this Focus, would I buy one, still no, but if I did I’d be stoked if it looked like this. Thanks Beth.

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