Fiesta in the Park 2018

While walking about enjoying some much needed sunshine, I noticed a fair few people blogging, kids and adults alike walking about with their cameras narrating what they could see. Made me laugh a little but also got me thinking. The show scene is something relatively new to me, this is the third year of hitting the shows properly. It’s still an adventure, from the early start and the long drive, sitting in a que of rad cars waiting to get into the show ground, parking up, cleaning up and then chilling.

That brings me nicely to Fiesta In the Park a few weeks ago. Due to a back injury the morning before, I couldn’t drive up as planned in the afternoon. Instead I got to convoy up from Worthing to Cambridge. The first proper drive in the XR since Incarnation in April. I was in the car by 4.30am, on the road shortly after and I have to admit it was surprisingly tranquil. It was epic however, an hour up to Clacket Lane services where I met up with the Ford Tec Fiesta crew, my mk2, a mk3, a mk5, and 2 mk6s, (and one mustang). The mk3 setting pace as we rolled around the M25, though the tunnel, phooooooooor, and up the M11.

I couldn’t believe how good the drive up was, my XR had a few issues with bumps in the road, the rubbing was really annoying and the noise she made when I hit a pothole was epic, but we made it to the show ground unscathed. The massive (well low-car speaking) curb into the show ground was a bit of a killer and the tall grass took my splitter of as I reversed into my space, but that was the worst of it. I was feeling pretty sketchy, in constant pain, tired, hungry, and it wasn’t the nicest weather to start the day, but I set up and cleaned up before taking a look round for some cable ties. Seven cable ties later and we were as close to show ready as we ever get.

Now what do you really do at car shows? Somewhere like Santa Pod, or Silverstone which both have tracks as a focus, its easy to walk about and watch the track every now and again, but the smaller shows are basically just great carparks. My first plan of action was walk around, scope out the layout, toilets, coffee stall, where the retros are parked, then back to the car, sit down have a coffee chat to the crew, before setting out for walk around two, this time crappy camera in hand and photos to take.

This was my second year at Fiesta in the Park, last year I was worried about the lack of retro but was pleasantly surprised, this year I wasn’t so worried about that, however after my initial walk around it felt like it was still the same retro crew, Fenland Old Skool Ford, making an appearance. Which is a shame to only see the same people coming out for a nice show, but its not terrible because they have the best, most colourful, beautiful selections of Fords. Fiesta in the Park is open to all Fords, which I feel may turn this show into a small scale Ford Fest. It’s a great little show but we need the classic’s to keep going if we don’t want to always be surrounded by moderns. Next year I fear I may take my wagon instead (better to bring the kids in).

Every show has some serious highlights and this year was no different. I was always a ‘static’ true believer, but seeing all the bagged cars about at the moment, my true beliefs may not be so true. I saw a white Focus, a blue Mk5 and a green Mk6 which all rocked my world. Then of course the entire Fenland Old Skool Ford crew was as colourful and amazing as it was last year, special love for the vtec’d mk2. A few others that took my fancy; a bronze orange mk1 Focus, a dripping connect, the lambo crew, pinstripe and a chameleon mk7. It was great to see a few of the Modifly possy out there, Gems mk5 looked fantastic, Martyn and Jakes Mk6’s were spotted, Jayde and her family were bumped into as well.

As a family man, one problem I’m facing is transporting my boys long distance in the mk2, it just isn’t comfortable, possibly not safe and the extra weight kills my top end, acceleration and fuel economy, hence the Focus wagon. The wagons no show car, so how could I go about making my large family wagon suitable for show season, well I have my own ideas but this lot in their galaxy was killing it, not my taste but I loved it all the same.

After a good four or so hours it was time for me, my ten week old nephew (just been to his first ever car show) and his mum to head home. After dropping the family off near by I had a lovely, maybe even idyllic, 3 and a bit hour drive home. The sun had come outing force, the roads were moving at a nice pace and my beast of an XR2 rolled all the way home without care in the world, it was at this moment when I thought that that day had been a really really good day…

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