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As a skate lifer I grew up reading RAD magazine, which over the years morphed into Sidewalk Surfer. Sidewalk Surfer did a regular ‘New Blood’ feature which was a one pager about a up and comer in the scene. Well this got me thinking, we run features on cars, while writing these we get a gist of the person behind the cars, but we don’t run profiles on the builders. So why not start? Most people we’ve spoken to have built more than one car. So the man under the spotlight in our first builder profile (we’ll think of a catchy name for that) is not only a Fiesta fan but also clearly a gifted builder. The F-Bomb rocked my world when I first saw it. If you know it, you’ll know that it’s currently under the grinder and from I can see is going to come back a different kind of monster. But the Mk1 we’re talking about wasn’t Elks first creation. So we’ll start with him and move on to the creations after wards.



Car Magazine of choice:
Classic Ford, Fast car.

Build or Scene:
Build. It has to be cars that are built! Ideally heavily customised classic cars that have a modern twist (stretched tyres, extreme lows and everything smooth or hidden) but retain there original look.

Static or Bags:
Either bags or static. I like both, I’ve only had static cars but if the stance and fitment is on point then they’re both cool but it’s obviously a hell of a lot easier with less head scratching with bags, I’ll be getting bags for my E28 so it can proper lay frame with small wheels.

Drag, Drift, Touring, Rally, F1, other, none at all..
Drag and drift, I don’t really watch any motor sport on TV.

What got you into cars?
Since I was very young I’ve been massively influenced by my dad, he had custom cars featured back in the 80s and he got me into them at an early age he always used to say low and smoothed cars were the way to go and that’s always what I’ve aimed to do! Also my bro Tim has been a big influence later on with the Fiestas and Chevette. He built the F-Bomb when it was blue then I sold my slammed Chevette to buy the F-Bomb when he went travelling so the car now is an extension of what he originally built.

What do think of the car scene today?
I think in general the car scene is pretty cool, I like how low cars now are pretty much the norm now and you have to go crazy low to really get noticed but there are still whey too many cars that are just a set of wheels and coilovers, I like heavily customised cars which are pretty rare in the scene. Back in the max power days a car show was full of proper show cars that were barely recognisable from how they left the factory and they had a lot more personality and were complete one offs, where you would never see the same car twice! (sometimes they were good, sometimes terrible!) But now you see a lot of cars with exactly the same mods.

Your dream car:
I think my dream car is the next phase of the F-Bomb, all space framed crazy low and turbod and I’ve got big plans for my E28 but one day I’d like to modify a Mk1 escort, just because I’ve never seen one exactly how I’d want one.

Clubs associated with:
I run a club called S.O.S (Southern Old Skool) it’s been a bit stagnant of late but planning on bringing it back in the summer.

Best Show:
I rate players as the best show because of the sheer diversity of the cars, or at least shows where you have to be accepted, there are too many retro shows where you just can turn up in anything and park in the show, this in my eyes isn’t a proper car show just retro parking!

Whats the future:
I think in the future the scene will probably go full circle and crazy modified cars will eventually make a come back but I think subtle mods and low cars will always be considered cool. I’m sure in the future cars will start having crazy electric motors there are stupidly quick! The essence of hot rodding is always modify what you have available and eventually hearing a combustion engine will be a rare sound!

Shout outs:
Shout outs go to my Mum and dad for a life time of support and encouragement, my brother Tim for always being a big part of all my cars, my girlfriend Angelina for putting up with me always talking about cars and Dan Baruffo of Buffalo Builds for making my crazy thoughts a reality.

The Chopped Fiesta
Around 2011 when the Chopped Fiesta was Tim’s (Elks brother) and sitting pretty low on period correct chopped springs they found a trailer and had a plan to jam the fiesta under it, yes we mean jam, she was about 2 inches to height but they made her fit…
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The F-Bomb
Now the timeline escapes me as I came across this Fiesta before the Chopped Fiesta, but as I have mentioned more than once, this is The Fiesta for me or was, because now it is currently under the grinder/welded to be reborn as something else on yet another level…
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Flared arches, relocated the rear number plate, smoothed the locks, fog light, reverse light, relocated petrol cap to the boot, smoothed the the c pillar vents, sunk in headlights, Viva amber indicators, smoothed side light and 8.5 banded Rostyles Ratty, low, Golf need we say more…

Go check out Southern Old Skool and Buffalo Builds for progress, details and all sorts of other rad car shizzle..